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Monday Salmagundi

23 Apr
  • Service changes for 24 MARTA bus routes went into effect Saturday, April 21. Among them is the ever-evolving Route #2, which – if there was such a thing – would be a top contender for the title of World’s Most Frequently Altered Bus Route.

The agency is also making some changes to Red Line rail service, “to improve schedule adherence.” Train departure times have been changed, but the length of the headways (the time between the departures) will remain the same.

  • From Bisnow: The empty lot at 615 Peachtree Street is under contract for construction of a cancer treatment facility that will be operated by Emory Healthcare. The Cousins Properties parcel has been empty since an office building was demolished there in 2006. A mixed-used project called Fox Plaza was originally to have been built afterward, but those plans were done in by the ravages of the real estate crash.

Monday* Salmagundi

18 Oct

Stairwell, parking deck on Oak Valley Way

  • From the New York Times’ Lens blog, a collection of photos of the city’s high-rise window washers
  • The Stockholm Transport Museum added 100-plus years of transportation photography to The Commons at Flickr
  • At TEDx, Chuck Marohn discusses the difference between a road and a street. A road, Marohn said, connects two places, usually accommodating only one type of transportation – the car. A street is a network that allows people to get around within a place, with or without a car. In the last fifty years, Marohn said, more and more of our streets have taken on the characteristics of roads. In the 15-minute video he describes the ways in which that change has affected land use patterns, public space and how people interact. H/T to The Transportationist.
  • With the Braves’ season over, Turner Field will go into hibernation until March. The Atlantic Cities looks at efforts that some cities are making to keep their professional baseball stadia – and the neighborhoods around them – active in the off-season.
  • The New South China Mall, the largest in the world by floor space, is at 2 percent occupancy. The 660,000-square meter shopping center opened in 2006 in Dongguan, China with 2,350 retail spaces, only 47 of which are in use now. H/T to The Infrastructurist

*This post was started Monday night, so it narrowly qualifies. Besides, “Tuesday” and “salmagundi” don’t rhyme.

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