Monday* Salmagundi

18 Oct

Stairwell, parking deck on Oak Valley Way

  • From the New York Times’ Lens blog, a collection of photos of the city’s high-rise window washers
  • The Stockholm Transport Museum added 100-plus years of transportation photography to The Commons at Flickr
  • At TEDx, Chuck Marohn discusses the difference between a road and a street. A road, Marohn said, connects two places, usually accommodating only one type of transportation – the car. A street is a network that allows people to get around within a place, with or without a car. In the last fifty years, Marohn said, more and more of our streets have taken on the characteristics of roads. In the 15-minute video he describes the ways in which that change has affected land use patterns, public space and how people interact. H/T to The Transportationist.
  • With the Braves’ season over, Turner Field will go into hibernation until March. The Atlantic Cities looks at efforts that some cities are making to keep their professional baseball stadia – and the neighborhoods around them – active in the off-season.
  • The New South China Mall, the largest in the world by floor space, is at 2 percent occupancy. The 660,000-square meter shopping center opened in 2006 in Dongguan, China with 2,350 retail spaces, only 47 of which are in use now. H/T to The Infrastructurist

*This post was started Monday night, so it narrowly qualifies. Besides, “Tuesday” and “salmagundi” don’t rhyme.


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