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Underground, Urbanophile and Waffle House

20 Nov

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Here are a few photos from last week’s Unseen Underground walking tour, led by Jeff Morrison.With the weather mostly remaining pretty warm, there might still be a couple more this year. See the tour’s Facebook page for contact info.

The tour is in pretty constant motion, and when it’s not moving there’s a lot of information to take in, so it doesn’t lend itself to thorough photo-documentation. Just getting these few shots required some scurrying to catch up afterward.


  • The Urbanophile re-ran “Is it game over for Atlanta?” today. The post was originally written before the release of census results that showed that the city’s population numbers had essentially remained flat for 10 years. At that time, estimates suggested that population had increased by 28 percent. But, Aaron Renn wrote that “converging trends point to a possible plateauing of Atlanta‚Äôs remarkable rise, and the end of its great growth phase.”
  • From What Now, Atlanta? – The site of a former souvenir shop at the corner of Andrew Young International Boulevard (a name nearly longer than the street is) and Centennial Olympic Park Drive will become the third and largest downtown location for Waffle House.
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