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Unexpected Company

25 Mar


Before “Jack and Diane” and “Runnin’ on Empty” came thundering from across the street well before sunrise last Sunday, I’d mostly forgotten about the Georgia Marathon.

The music was soon accompanied by a voice with that simultaneously enthusiastic and professional quality cultivated by announcers at big athletic events.

Turns out that the first water station for the race was in front of the Civic Center, which placed it just across from my building.

After about an hour of one-sided banter from the announcer accompanied by more Top 40 hits of the 80s, the first wheelchair racers came flying down the hill along with race volunteers on bikes. Several minutes behind them came the lone leading runner, pursued by several tiny packs of others.

Then the groups of runners got bigger and bigger until they were deep enough and wide enough to fill the block.

Then it was time to go back to sleep.

Vehicles 5, Fixed objects 1

6 Feb

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A little enhancement to yesterday’s AJC story about the morning power outage in Midtown:

A few minutes before 9:30 a.m. there was a muffled explosion, quickly followed by another explosion, which was accompanied by a reddish-yellow flash of light. Believe it or not, I didn’t think much of it. It had been raining for two days. When I lived in Peachtree Hills, there was a transformer that could be relied upon to blow up in a shower of silver-blue sparks at least a couple of times whenever it rained for more than 24 hours.

But when I looked outside about 10 minutes later, the street was blocked by three police cars, a fire truck and an ambulance to the south. A large, black Chevrolet pickup truck with a utility pole right in the middle of its hood was straddling the curb to the north. There were also two small trees missing.

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Very early, something’s gone very wrong

2 Feb

Nineteen cars from at least two law enforcement agencies – APD and Georgia State Patrol – just went past my building faster than I’ve ever seen anything go on this street. (That’s saying a lot, as this part of the street is five lanes one-way.) Lights, sirens, the whole business.

The first 15 cars came from the south on Piedmont Avenue and continued north toward Midtown. The last four came from the same direction, but turned east on Ralph McGill Boulevard toward Atlanta Medical Center, or they came from the west on Ralph McGill Boulevard and continued east that way.

Does anyone know what happened?

Update: Still nothing anywhere on the news about a chase, a raid or anything that would explain that.

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