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5 Apr

Suntrust towers on Peachtree and Peachtree Center Ave.

Ever read so much you nearly forget to write about it?

  • From What Now, Atlanta? : The acres of chainlink and gravel on Clifton Road north of the CDC are scheduled to re-start becoming a mixed-use project in June. “Urbanist,” a frequent WNA commenter suggested that ready-made communities like this one diminish the prospects for development in existing neighborhoods in the city. He’s suggested in the past, for example, that if the concentrated development in Atlantic Station had been spread throughout Midtown, we wouldn’t still be wondering when the vision of the “Midtown Mile” is going to come to fruition.

But putting vacant spaces in already high-density areas into service can be risky because those neighborhoods don’t offer much parking. Or, maybe not. This 2008 post from the Urbanophile suggests that parking is oversold as an obstacle to successful retail development.

  • From the AJC: The Atlanta University Center neighborhood was awarded a $250,000 grant last week by HUD’s Choice Neighborhoods Initiative program. The program’s Web site says the grants’ objective is to “transform distressed neighborhoods and public and assisted projects into viable and sustainable mixed-income neighborhoods by linking housing improvements with appropriate services, schools, public assets, transportation, and access to jobs.”


  • From The Architect’s Newspaper: Qatar plans to deploy robo-clouds to provide shade from the desert country’s brutal summer sun during the 2022 World Cup.


  • Also from the AJC: A couple on Edgewood Avenue are suing graffiti artists who they say have been doing uncommissioned work on their property for years.


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