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Old film, new bus schedules

28 Apr

From Pattern Cities, a 1908 film shot from a Barcelona streetcar. Either Barcelona’s pedestrians and bicyclists were utterly fearless in their zeal to be in a movie, or the camera was mounted waaay out in the front of the streetcar.

Also, changes to routes and/or schedules for 25 MARTA bus routes went into effect Saturday. Toss out those old schedules. Again.

Braves Shuttle back from the not-quite dead? Plus, more bus route changes

3 Mar

In a move that’s likely to surprise about six people, MARTA is considering reviving the Braves shuttle. The free shuttle, which runs from Five Points Station to Turner Field on Braves game days, was a casualty of service reductions the agency undertook last fall to address a large and long-running budget gap.

“Putting the money into the shuttle instead of some other service can seem unfair to some…” Citizens for Progressive Transit’s president Ashley Robins told the AJC. “This is not life line service” that would provide needed access to employment or healthcare-related destinations.

MARTA will solicit riders’ input on the shuttle’s fate as well as service changes on bus routes 2, 87, 99 and 181 at hearings on March 21 and 24. (MARTA’s notice says “Monday, March 21” and “Monday, March 24,” but March 24 is a Thursday.) The proposed bus route changes would go into effect June 18.

Transit dependency’s Catch-22, or Why my rent’s so high

15 Jan

Waiting about 25 minutes for a train at Lindbergh when it was 20 degrees was decidedly un-fun. Walking down and back up the icy hill to Publix has been more excitement than I really require. I could have done without three days of having to choose between scooting along the edge of the street and gambling on the hazardously glazed sidewalks between my building and Civic Center Station as well.

But because I live and work close to rail stations, and I’m in good enough health to walk any distance I might need to, I can do those things. And because I can do those things being transit-dependent isn’t the sort of hardship for me that it is for many other people in the city.

From Thursday’s AJC:

“For many MARTA riders, its historic decision to shut down bus service completely this week might as well have shut down the food supply or access to the hospital.” Continue reading

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