Atlanta Streets Alive Moves to North Highland

25 Mar

Atlanta Streets Alive is moving from downtown to a route planned to run two miles along North Highland Avenue from Inman Park to Virginia-Highland. from Old Fourth Ward, through Inman Park and Poncey-Highland to Virginia-Highland.*

The free, semiannual street festival and bike tour, scheduled for 2 to 6 p.m. May 20, was launched downtown in 2010. The event’s food, fitness, arts, dance and music activities took place along parts of Edgewood and Auburn Avenues for the first two years, but with construction of the downtown streetcar loop now underway, ASA’s organizers had to find a new site.

Rebecca Serna, executive director of Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, said that organizers had planned to eventually try other sites around the city, but the construction “was the kick that we needed” to go ahead and take the show on the road. Increasing bike-friendliness  is a Poncey-Highland neighborhood priority, Serna said, and response from residents and businesses in the area has been “really enthusiastic.”

ASA is still seeking volunteers, sponsors and “activity partners” for this year’s event.

*Updated to reflect ASA’s amended route outline, which now aligns with the boundaries in the City of Atlanta’s NPU and neighborhood maps.


4 Responses to “Atlanta Streets Alive Moves to North Highland”

  1. Old Fourth Ward Resident 03/25/2012 at 5:52 pm #

    I hope that you will correct your story– the route in fact stretches from Virginia Highland to Old Fourth Ward (the ending at Corley and Highland is squarely in Old Fourth Ward). Thanks-

    • OO 03/26/2012 at 1:01 am #

      Route info has been updated. Thanks.

  2. atlurbanist 03/26/2012 at 3:49 pm #

    I’ve really enjoyed these Streets Alive events. Participation has been (by my standards — not theirs) a little disappointing in the past. I’ll be interested to see if this route can bring in some bigger crowds. Looking forward to it.

    I’d love to see a weekly version of this on some little-used (yet well-connected) street in the city. There are certainly some downtown streets that are not heavily used most weekends.

    • OO 03/26/2012 at 6:00 pm #

      The new location might make a really big difference, if only because so many people live within a mile of that stretch of Highland Ave. People would much rather be able to walk or bike straight to and from home for an event than have to go to MARTA, wait for it, ride it, get off, walk from Five Points over to Edgewood, then do it all in reverse to go home.

      I do like the idea of a weekly downtown-fest, though. Maybe on Luckie between COP Drive and Broad.

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