Catching up: A TSPLOST primer, mobility banks and City Hall East

9 Mar


This photo, taken as a cloud hovered over the Bank of American tower on North Avenue, isn’t related to today’s content at all, but art has been a bit sparse lately.

Heartier, more nutritious posts are in the works, but for now:

  • If you still haven’t quite gotten a grip on the whats and whys of the proposed 1-cent sales tax for transit that will be up for a vote next year, there’s a concise but detailed explanation of it in this post at MARTA Rocks!


  • From The Urbanophile: Jens Ludwig and Steven Raphael at the Brookings Institution propose the creation of  “mobility banks (PDF)” to assist unemployed or underemployed people who are shackled to an upside-down mortgage or who lack money to move to an area where their skills are in demand. The bank would function much as federal student loans – repayment is deferred until borrowers have secured employment.


  • Green Building Chronicle has a few details from Green Street Properties’ (long, long,) long-awaited adaptive reuse renovation of City Hall East. GBC reported that Green Street Properties President Katharine Kelley expects that the developers will finalize the purchase of the property from the City of Atlanta within a month, with clean-up and demolition to begin in early spring. H/T to Creative Loafing.

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