Found: Urban Omnibus

29 Oct

Something more substantive is in the oven, but for today, here’s one of the bounty of built-environment-oriented blogs I’ve happened upon in the last year or so.

Urban Omnibus, a project of the Architectural League of New York, is one of those places you can easily lose a couple of hours to without realizing it, even if you (like me) don’t live anywhere near NYC. It’s full of the kind of writing that shows you that the more you look at a city, the more you’ll realize that you haven’t seen.

The site isn’t just well-designed, it’s a media-rich, apparently bottomless well of news and analysis about the creation, usage and evolution of the city. A couple of my favorite posts so far:

Making Policy Public: Vendor Power!” explored the downright astonishing maze of regulations that New York’s more than 10,000 street vendors have to navigate in order to being heavily fined, along with the ways that a not-profit group recruited designers to help the vendors make sense of them.

Urban Topographies: Cuts & Patches is a look at one of the ways that history that can be observed right under your feet in urban areas.


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